Roll of Honour

Sir Colin Spedding Award 2018

Winner - Dr Simon Curtis

In recognition of his work in the development of corrective farriery and his long and ongoing service to equine science and welfare

Sir Colin Spedding Award 2018

Finalist - The British Grooms Association 

represented by Lucy Katan

In recognition of its pioneering work to raise the status of the groom in the equine sector, including professional development, relationships with employers, peer support, and assistance for equestrian employers

Sir Colin Spedding Award 2017

Winner - Jim Green

In recognition of his dedication to the development of large animal rescue methodology, training and equipment that is now standard throughout the UK Fire and Rescue Service and being rolled out worldwide.

Sir Colin Spedding Award 2017

Bonny Millar (finalist), Prof Josh Slater, representing Jim Green (winner), Maureen James (finalist)

Sir Colin Spedding Award 2016

Winner - Sue Martin

In recognition of her contribution to the development of equine apprenticeships, leadership of the Equestrian Trailblazer Steering Group and continuing support for riding schools.

Sir Colin Spedding Award 2016

Baroness Ann Mallalieu (finalist), HRH The Princess Royal, Sue Martin (winner), Jenifer Gilbey, representing Walter Gilbey (finalist)

Sir Colin Spedding Award 2015

Winner - Paul Richard Greeves

In recognition of the guiding influence he has provided to Thoroughbred racing and breeding during the past 40 years and his devotion to maintaining the integrity of the breed internationally by embracing scientific developments.

Sir Colin Spedding Award 2014

Winner - Dr Andrew Waller

In recognition of the collective work of the Animal Health Trust's Infectious Disease Group to help protect the nation's equines.

Sir Colin Spedding Award 2013

Winner - Alexander Martin Clunes

In recognition of the collective work of UK Equine Welfare Charities during the winter of 2012.